Superino Avn SS Bring Me Blue

Superino Avn SS Bring Me Blue
Superino Avn SS Bring Me Blue
Superino Avn SS Bring Me Blue
Superino Avn SS Bring Me Blue

Superino Avn SS Bring Me Blue

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  • Superino™

Technical Information

  • 81% Premium Merino Wool
  • 14% Recycled Nylon
  • 5% Spandex
  • Durability
  • Odor Resistance
  • Insulation
  • Moisture Regulation
  • Absorbation
  • µ: 18,5 mikron
  • Approved by Woolmark The Company
  • Fabric weight: 160 gr./sqm



Superino™: Tips for longevity 

Don’t wash your SUPERINO product after every use. Just leave it to dry on a hanger and you will be good to go. You should only wash now and then or after heavy use.

But when you do:

• Turn your product inside out.

• Wash at low temperatures: max 20-30⁰

• Use mild detergent without enzymes and chemicals.

• Don’t use fabric softener.

• Choose a low spin.

• Do NOT tumble dry. It can cause holes. Leave it to dry on a flat surface.

We recommend machine washing, because it is easier to ensure a gentle wash and control the temperature.

But if you choose to wash it by hand, do not rub or stretch the fabric and use cold water.

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Superino Avn SS

Virkelig dejlig at have på

Worlds softest merino


Technical Benefits of Superino™

The Superino™

160 Gr-series

Years of development combined with our passion for merino has led up to the perfect blended soft fabric for our Superino™ collection.

The soft touch of the Superino™ makes it comfortable to wear, and with merino wool you have the technical features such as:

  • Odor Resistance
  • Moisture Absorbation
  • Breathability
  • Comfort
  • Durability

Superino™ Product care

Tips for longevity 

OrganoTex® Wool Wash
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