patented base layer system


Danish designed merino wool baselayer system for functionality, performance and comfort. Made with the utmost respect for people and planet.

This might be the softest fabric

Superino™ is our finest premium merino wool series programme quality blended with recycled nylon and opelon to make it last for ages.

This base layer system is made for outdoor exploration such as alpine conditions, hiking, cycling and much more. Only your imagination sets the limit for its use.

Born out of a dream

Seek & Explore

Technical benefits of Superino™

Tech specs

81% Premium Merino Wool
14% Recycled Nylon
5% Spandex
Odor Resistance
Moisture Regulation
Fabric weight: 160 gr.

Superino™ FAQs

Opelon is a softening strechy fabric that makes the 4-way stretch that you feel in the Superino™ series. However, Opelon has untl recently been avoided by us, due to its poor ability to be recycled. However, with our new partnership with the Danish textile sorting facility New Retex it is now possible and we feel comfortable to use Opelon again, because we now have control over the recycling of the material.

The recycled nylon and the z-twisting of the Superino fabric makes the yarns more than 12 times stronger than 100% merino wool. This means that you will use the product longer than normally.

Well, take a look at our name and combine it with merino and whoops, there you have it.

Only your own limits sets the bar. Use it for alpine skiing, for running, hiking, everyday comfort or mountaineering and bouldering. The many technical features of Superino™ makes this yarn suitable for all outdoor activities.

Superino™ Video Presentation

Long live longevity

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