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Hiking might be the oldest transportation of all time. Human beings have done in for ages and given the fact that it is healthy and clears your mind, hiking is on eof our favorite choices, when we are going outside.

In this section you can find some of our best hiking experiences on different levels, easy, medium and hard.

Hiking trips inspiration

The Silke Route, Denmark

A 12 km. roundtrip in and around the Outdoor Capital of Denmark with great nature, the biggest Douglas Tree's of Scandinavia and a small city in a big lake district. The Silke Route is an easy choice for hiking, but the experience is great.

Level: Easy

The Silke Route
Three Sisters Path, Canada

Hiking the spray Lakes route near Dead Man's Flat and Canmore is a great experience. Go to the top of the three sisters and find an amazing view all over the spray lakes reservoir in the west of Canada.

Level: Medium

Three Sisters Pathway
Sentinel Pass, Canada

Back and forth again. The sentinel Path is classified as a top difficult hiking experience. The giant steps away from Lake Louise and the magnificent view makes this trail a masterpiece.

Level: Hard

Sentinel Path
Hrútsfjallstindar, Iceland

Difficult glacier path located in the south-east of Iceland, with a stunning view over the greatest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull. This route is not for beginners.

Level: Hard

Grejsdal Path, Denmark

15,6 km in a hilly forested and grass field area near the old viking museum of Denmark. This trail will surprise you by the diversity that nature in Little Denmark offers - something we must protect at all cost.

Level: Easy/Medium

Grejsdal Pathway
Obertauern, Austria

The Obertauern-Seekarhaus-Grünwald path might be one of the most beautiful paths of the Salzburgerland. But be prepared - the Obertauern landscape are famously known for the many meters of altitude.

Level: Hard

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