Premium quality requires a world class animal welfare code of conduct

Non-mulesing products

You probably heard about mulesing some years ago, which is a process that are mostly being done in Australia, due to a certain fly. But if you didn’t hear about it, you have to, because it is absolutely important to eliminate the mulesing process.

Mulesing is, when the farmer cut the sheeps skin fold at the intestinal opening to avoid fly infections. It is a very painful intervention for the sheep and can cause a major infection. We are not supporting farmers using this method and that is why we are GOTS certifying most of our wool with the GOTS certification (CU 1001697).

The GOTS certification secures you as a customer, that everything is taken care of and is 100% transparent. The transaction certificates guarantees that we can track all of our wool and secure the animal welfare.



If you are curious about our sustainable certifications and why we claim that we are a certified sustainable brand, then read about it right here.