Showing and caring for the environment means eveything to us. Dig into our supply chain below.

Tier 1: Processing of the goods

This is where the processing of the yearns and garments are done and the production takes place.

Bera Textil, Istanbul

Bera Textil is one of our oldest partners and they are particulary good in jersey and knitting, which you can find in several of our outdoor styles.



41,05 - 28.99
Q. Lime Garment ltd.

Most of our polyester, nylon and merino wool comes from our suppliers of LIME China. They are specialized in technical performance wear.


Jackets & Hard Shells

Rain Wear & Pants

24,78 - 118,55
Obsidyen, Istanbul

Obsidyen are garment producers of shirts, jersey and pants are for several years we have had a great partnership with Obsidyen in Turkey.




41.03 - 28.82

TIER 2: Dye houses & garment

Tier 2 is where the dye is made and the garment production is done before sending to tier 1.

Er-Ba Textil

Dye house with great focus on non- chemical dyes to get as close to 100% environemental friendly as possible. Er-Ba is one of the leading dye houses in Turkey.

Dyeing certificates



41,08 - 28,90
Shenghong Group

International standard synthetic fiber working group and the Secretariat of the international standard. This is a dye factory, accessories and yarn spinner.

Working fiels



Yarn Spinner

30,88 - 120,62

Tier 3 & 4: Spinning and collecting

Tier 3 & 4 are our furhest tiers in our supply chain and is where the garments are made and collected.

Kunshan Junbang

Yarn spinner and productional partner on printing for several yarn types.

Yarn spinner

31,30 - 120,97

Our yarn supplier in Turkey with a monthly capacity of more than 6.000 tons.

Yarn Spinner

36,97 - 35,59

The right gear and products requires a world class supply chain

Our supply chain rely on strong partnerships with our subcontractors and partners. In the below tiers you can find all the information you about our partners and their way of working. All factory sites are approved and certified with either GOTS, GRS or both and holds world class standards on social compliance.