Spring cleaning has come


We are cleaning out for spring in our outlet, where you can save up to a stunning 70% on selected styles until the 30th of April.
Selected items
Mens Outlet
Selected outgoing styles at a fair price.
Selected items
Womens Outlet
Selected outgoing styles at a fair price.

An outlet that matters

We have created our outlet in the meaning to offer timeless classics at a fair price when the time is right. But even more noticeable, we offer repaired items, unica samples and secondhand items occasionally in our outlet with only a few pieces pr. style.

The repaired styles can be claims from retailers an products that have been in the field for testing which our technical tailor fix up and make ready for another adventure. Look for the "Reventure" mark on the products that are repaired.

We never throw anything out at Superstainable, and we like to keep it that way.