All in one Outdoor Fleece

Performance Fleece

These fleeces are for any purpose. Whether you are a runner, skiier, climber, hiker or just want a comfy midlayer for any purpose, these performance fleeces is a part of the solution.

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Elmar Grid Black
899,00 kr.
Elmar Grid Lark Green
899,00 kr.
Lark Green
Elmar Grid Grey
899,00 kr.
Dark Grey
Elmar Grid Blue
899,00 kr.
Vättern Grid Lark Green
899,00 kr.
Lark Green

Technical Features

Grid Performance

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Any purpose

Outdoor fleece

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Odor Resistance

The Elmar grid has dri-fit effect and is highly odor resistant. This is an important element of the any purpose outdoor fleece.

Grid Tech
No limits & bounds

Go anywhere and make your own bounds with our performance grid fleece, designed to last for many decades.

Grid Tech

Made with

Recycled Polyester