Ecotree: May The Forest be With You

Supporting Danish foresting

Our collaboration with EcoTree for supporting Danish foresting is now live in Eventyrsport. For every tee you plant a tree in Denmark.

Every tee plants a tree


Organic & GOTS Certified

180 gr. Cotton

Foresting Information
Only 14.1% of Denmark's area is forest. Compared to our neighboring countries, we lag far behind. Germany has over 30% of the country covered by trees and Sweden has almost 70% forest cover.

Forests protect our groundwater, provide nature and support biodiversity, provide space for outdoor life and create a breathing space in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the same time, the forests contribute to the storage of CO2 and are fertile ground for local jobs and sustainable products.

Forests are actually one of the world's most effective ways of storing and thus reducing atmospheric CO2, and therefore play a key role if we in Denmark are to achieve our climate goal of a 70% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030.

Trees remove CO2 when they are planted, allowing forests to replace agriculture: for every 1 hectare of new average forest in Denmark, it absorbs 5-21 tons of CO2 annually. But it is also when we use wood as an energy source instead of coal, oil and gas, or as a replacement for climate-heavy building materials such as steel, concrete and bricks: every time 1 cubic meter of wood replaces steel and concrete, you save an average of 4 tons CO2.

In short, trees are simply amazing sizes, and therefore you are actively helping forest planting by buying a "May the Forest be with You" t-shirt in Eventyrsport.