Agger Beanie Hunters Green

Agger Beanie Hunters Green
Agger Beanie Hunters Green
Agger Beanie Hunters Green
Agger Beanie Hunters Green
Agger Beanie Hunters Green

Agger Beanie Hunters Green

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Technical Information

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Mulesing Free
  • Responsibly made



Superstainable was founded in 2016 by the family Rasmussen, Emil, Anders & Claus.

Their mission was to create the most uncompromising outdoor wear & gear, that combines functionality, quality and design with the most ambitious strategic considerations and political movement for environmentalism on the planet.

Our outdoor knowledge comes from a life living next to the forest, with educations in outdoor rescuing, skiing, hunting and hiking. We are a family of "outdoor geeks" who have cultivated our passion for the outdoors, skiing, climbing and hunting for many years. A part of our goal is to make that knowledge tangible and share it with you, so you can have great outdoor experiences you'll never forget (while you were properly dressed for the mission).

Your values is our promise

There’s an old English saying, stating that “little strokes fell great oaks” which is an essential thinking, when it comes to sustainability in your wardrobe. We can all make a difference, with small changes in our behaviour.

You can start with less consumption, repairing your items instead of throwing it away and shopping after the highest social standards.

And you can buy items from sustainable materials, from brands that have a transparent and certified setup, to secure you as a customer, that your carbon footprint is minimized.

We encourage you to take small steps in the right way. Changing the world is not easy, but it can be done.

On this site, you can read more on our work for a more responsbile outdoor industry and our work.

Wool has a massive carbon emission impact in the productional fase compared to cotton. But, when the product is made it will catch up in the consumer fase, since wool needs less washing.

This beanie has a total weight of 85 gr which corresponds to 1,7 kg CO2e equivalent to driving 4,65 km in your gasoline car to work.

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