Press Release 22.11.23

Scandinavian Outdoor Award

We are nominated in the sustainability category for a brand new product to be launched in autumn '24.

Press Release 22.11.23

Superstainable® and New Retex joins forces and
creates a new outdoor product made from Danish Textile Waste and nominated for
the Scandinavian Outdoor Award within Sustainability.

In a new revolutionary technology, the Danish outdoor brand Superstainable® and the
textile sorting facility and yarn spinnery, New Retex, has made a new half-zip outdoor
sweat created from old t-shirts, sweatshirts and clothings from Danish textile
waste in the municipalities and the product is in 2023 nominated for the
Scandinavian Outdoor Award within Sustainability.


Superstainable, that already makes outdoor apparel with a focus on made to last products, CSR projects and repair services, is now set on the journey to make outdoor apparel out of old textile post-consumer waste, which is all new in the textile

And already in January, the first waste-made t-shirts in
collaboration with New Retex will hit the stores in Denmark.


“We are very happy with the setup in our cooperation with New Retex to supply new products made from Danish Textile Waste, which fully lives up to our values and thinking
in Superstainable”
says CEO Emil Rasmussen.


At New Retex they work with sorting textile waste in a circular loop with their sorting facility and collecting the old textile waste from the recycling stations. By sorting
the textiles in colors, materials, and compositions using AI technology they
ensure that far more textile waste is recycled in the future in an intelligent
and automated setup in Denmark.


Rikke Bech, CEO & Founder clarifies: “This product is made using our fully automated
textile waste sorting plant that has an unmatched precision and traceability in
the market. The plant uses AI technology to turn municipal textile waste into
recycled yarns. This enables a more circular textile, fashion & outdoor
industry in the future in strict line with the new EU legislations.”


About Superstainable®

Superstainable was founded in 2016 making outdoor apparel made to last with a big heart for CSR and technical innovation based on 30 years of knowledge through our supply chain and partners. Our products are all made from certified yarns under the
highest standards on the market on social and supply standards. Our knowledge
on outdoor apparel comes from a life of living next to nature and educational courses
in nature, skiing and hunting. We are combining 30 years of technical knowledge
on outdoor gear into a brand dedicated to the new sustainable legislations
providing exceptional Danish designed products made for all adventurers
(beginners as well as professionals).



Emil B. H. Rasmussen

CEO & Founder


New Retex

Rikke Bech

CEO & Founder

The SOG Award 2023

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