Certified Sustainability

There’s an old English saying, stating that “little strokes fell great oaks” which is an essential thinking, when it comes to sustainability in your wardrobe. We can all make a difference, with small changes in our behaviour.

You can start with less consumption, repairing your items instead of throwing it away and shopping after the highest social standards.

And you can buy items from sustainable materials, from brands that have a transparent and certified setup, to secure you as a customer, that your carbon footprint is minimized.

We encourage you to take small steps in the right way. Changing the world is not easy, but it can be done.


Shopping for certified products helps you take better decisions. Start by looking at the certifications in the care label, when shopping for sustainable products for your wardrobe and lifestyle. There are a bunch of sustainable certifications that secures, that the social standards are at the highest and that the yarn used for producing the products are a-okay.

You can start by looking at these sustainable certifications:


RWS – Responsible Wool Standard

We are striving to get the RWS standard in Superstainable within a few years, since our range of products will extend with more wool items.

The RWS standard is a social standard for animal welfare, securing that the animals have great conditions and the workers too.

The RWS secures a mulesing free setup, which is very important working with animal welfare. Our Merino Wool items are already mulesing free.

RDS – Responsible Down Standard

The Responsible Down Standard is the best standard for items with downs applied.

The RDS standard secures that your product is made with the best animal welfare politic in the production and that thee downs used in production are not plugged from the animals, but is taken from the leftovers on the ground and sometimes from the furniture industry (reused downs).

SA8000 – World Class Social Standards

Control Union declares that:

“The SA8000 measures social performance in eight areas important to social accountability in workplaces, anchored by a management system element that drives continuous improvement in all areas of the Standard. It is appreciated by brands and industry leaders for its rigorous approach to ensuring the highest quality of social compliance in their supply chains, all the while without sacrificing business interests.”

The SA8000 is an essential part of our production setup in China and we are very proud to be producing on a factory site with the highest social standards.



Since we are producing internationally and not locally, we have chosen to produce in countries who have all the necessary manufacturing sites within hand and close to each other. Thereby we can save a significant amount on our carbon footprint by doing all of the production steps in the same area, before the products gets transported home.

We encourage to use train or ship when shipping our products from overseas to save carbondioxid.


We have requirements in our packaging setup as well, which you can see below:

  • All hang tags in our setup are FSC certified. 
  • Poly bags are made from recycled plastic or from corn-material.
  • Your package received when ordering from the web shop is made from recycled plastic or recyclable plastic.

Repair your gold

We want to encourage you, to repair your items, when it gets damaged. Clothing are “unfortunately” not staying all new and in perfect shape in all of it’s lifetime, but you can extend the lifetime of your wardrobe by repairing used and damaged clothing.

At Superstainable, we have a repair department that takes care of your damaged items. Just send us an e-mail at with the headline “repair”, send 2-3 photos of your product and you will receive a label, to send your items to us. When the product is received we will repair it, if possible or send it back to you (free of charge) if the item is to damaged.

Transportation & Packaging

Sustainability is our core