Our Supply Chain

At our office in Virklund we have a small team that works with the administration of the company, and the design of products. We are all bound together by our sustainable approach to life and we keep a nice and cosy environment with the radio on and coffee on the pot.

Silkeborg, Denmark

Sustainable showroom, agency and our warehouse

At Superstainable we believe in a natural sustainable business way.

That is why we have created a creative work environment with sustainability as the main factor. You can find old reused wood on the walls, green areas, moss on the walls and carpets made from recycled fishnets.

And our door is always open.


Specialists in recycling, reusing and functional clothing

Our factory and office is located in Shishi City, China. Our own factory was the first GOTS certified factory in China.

This factory is specialized in making jackets, caps, functional t-shirts and bags in sustainable materials and also holds a GRS certification for recycling.

The reason why we are using China is quite simple: They are the best in making recycled items.

Leading recycling site

Despite having so much trash themself, China has for many years imported trash from all over the world to recycle and reproduce great products. But from the 1th of January 2019, that is over.

In 2016, China imported 2/3 of the worlds plastic trash to recreate and recycle it.

Fair Wear Foundation

We are acknowledged in the Fair Wear Foundation. Many of our customers are using this foundation as a safety for sustainable and great working conditions for all employees.


Organic cotton & basics 

In Turkey we make all of our sweats, t-shirts and knitwear.

Turkey is specialized in organic cotton and we have a long term relation with our supplier in Turkey, securing perfect working conditions and quality products.