Welcome to the Plastic Change x Superstainable collaborated collection. Our cooperation sets focus on the plastic mentality.

For every sold item, Plastic Change receives more than 20% of the sales price.

Supporting the mission

We are supporting Plastic Change and their awesome work for a cleaner ocean.

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More than 20% goes to Plastic Change

At Superstainable we are all about uncompromising solutions. That is why we have chosen to give up to 30% of the revenue to Plastic Change for every product sold.


Plastic Change

The Danish NGO in the middle of everything. Plastic Change is probably the leading NGO on plastic recycling, plastic-environmental related issues and analysis.

Plastic Change are working in different countries, cleaning the beaches, the ocean and securing a much better environment for the years to come.

That is why, they are an important NGO. That is why we all support them.

Model wearing the navy Glombak jacket with hood

About us

Sustainable lifestyle brand, manufacturer & consultancy. We are all about superior sustainable solutions™ and we love to recycle stuff.

And our name is fairly obvious.