May the Forest be With you Tee

kr. 299

In collaboration with Ecotree, we are now launching the “May the Forest be With You” organic tee to support Ecotree’s mission on planting tree’s in Denmark (in the area’s Kalundborg or Thy). When buying a t-shirt you are handed over with a certificate for your exact tree and the placement of it from Ecotree.

We are only producing the pieces that are ordered, so that there is no waste!

The female model is 169 cm and wears a xs and the male model is 183 cm and wears a size m.
The male model with the orange tarp is 180 cm and wears a size XL for oversized fit.

The order is a made-to-order and after 2 weeks the orders will close and the production will be made at our facility. 

Technical information

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Double stitched o-neck
  • Soft & durable
  • Tone in tone print
  • Tree certificate

Estimated receival of product:
Start/Mid december
Due to the made-to-order setup, the product can not be returned.






Your adventure as a tree owner

Congratulations, you are soon a tree owner! But what does that mean? Well, your tree contributes to the planet’s CO2 absorption and protects local biodiversity. And when your tree has accomplished its miraculous job of keeping nature in balance, it is cut and sold for high-quality timber at minimal impact to the forest. And here’s the wow bit: all the revenue goes to you!
How to redeem a gift code
1. Visit the webpage ecotree.green/en/code
2. Create an account and insert your gift code
3. Voilà – you’re now a tree owner

T-Shirts & Base Layers

How to measure

To choose the correct size, measure your body as follows:

  • Chest :
    1. Take your measuring tape.
    2. Measure the 1/2 chest. Place the tape close under the arms and make sure the tape is flat across the back.
    3. There you go. Now you know what size you are.

MenBack length cmHalf chest cmWomenBack length cmHalf chest cm


Organic Cotton

When choosing a GOTS certified organic cotton product you are also choosing bio-diversity, organic farm growing and in general, life on planet earth. There are not toxic chemicals, pesticides or insecticides used in growing organic cotton and choosing a GOTS Certified product saves up to 97% of the water amount compared to conventional cotton.


GOTS certified grown cotton saves a significant water amount of up to 97% water compared to non-organic cotton. Growing organic cotton saves 45% of the carbon emission compared to non-organic cotton.


Trace this product back to the place where it was made.

41.03 - 28.82


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Double stitched o-neck
  • Soft & durable
  • Tone in tone print
  • Tree certificate (ECOTREE)

Press Release: May the Forest be with you

Superstainable and EcoTree to plant tree’s in Denmark Superstainable and the b-corp company EcoTree has created a t-shirt to support the mission of planting tree’s in Denmark. The text on the t-shirt is made with humanistic touch,