Blue dish cloths 3-pack

79,00 DKK

  • Plastic free dish cloths
  • FSC / PEFC certified cellulose
  • Fully compostable

The main fibers of the dish cloths are 70% cellulose from FSC or PEFC certified forest. The rest is 30% short cotton fibers useless to spin for clothing usage. The dish cloth is approximate 15×25 cm. 3 different designs in the package.


Fully compostable dish cloth certified under the EU standard EN 13432. 70% FSC/PEFC certified cellulose. Dish cloths are OEKO-tex certified. Belly band is Nordic Swan Ecolabelled.

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The dish cloths are produced in Germany and printed in Sweden.

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3 different designs from the Blue series of Cold Hawaii inspired sustainable dish cloths from VIBS MØ. No plastic can be led to the ocean as it contains only wooden fibers and cotton fibers – both degradable, in contrast to plastic fibers. That’s why these dish cloths are plastic free!


Plastic fibers are used in many textile and clothing products. But for some product categories we could as well avoid the plastic content as there are good alternatives. This is why VIBS MØ’s dish cloth are free from micro plastic. Instead they contain only cellulose fibers and cotton fibers – which are both natural fibers, and therefore naturally degradable. When you use and rinse dish cloths from VIBS MØ no micro plastic will pass through your drain.

The dish cloths from VIBS MØ is made from certified sources and from left over materials from the industry. The entire production process is kept in a closed loop system – no hazardous chemicals are leaving the factory and all water is rinsed. The decorations are developed by VIBS MØ in Denmark and printed with water based environmentally friendly ink in Sweden. These Swedish guys have a printing technique that will make your dish cloth last for long. That is a sustainable solution.



  • 70% cellulose from FSC/PEFC certified forestry in Northern Europe and North America.
  • 30% cotton. Cotton fibers to short to spin in the fashion industry.
  • Contains no plastic.
  • Water based print ink.
  • Fully compostable

Machine washable at 60-95 degrees. Can be washed in dish washer. Tumble dry is not recommended.  Rinse the sponge cloth before first use.