New essentials ready for pre-order

As new seasons approach, we continue to fulfill our mission of creating sustainable quality lifestyle products. This time, we’ve done it by recycling and re-using post-consumer waste such as old seatbelts, PET bottles, and denim details. Even though it’s a new collection for Autumn/Winter 18/19, the products are designed to be used all year long. And because of the uniqueness of the details, each product speaks a story of its own.  


The new essentials ready for pre-order:

  • SS-Tech technology jackets (more information coming soon!)
  • Reused weekend bag
  • A backpack with separate pockets
  • Camo bags
  • Knitwear (zip puller and roll neck)


The new essentials for Autumn/Winter 18/19 is about details

The collection sets focus on sustainable details that make the products stand out. Due to our ways of outsourcing the raw materials, no product is identical to another. So, even when you buy matching bags, they’re all unique due to the seatbelts and denim because the details are outsourced from different fabrics and items. All of the eye-catching details are, of course, 100% sustainably produced and GOTS or GRS certified.

Some of the details are made of re-used denim and seatbelts. The seatbelts were outsourced from a car scraper outside ShiShi City in China which is a leading recycling place in the world. The denim details found on the bags are 100% re-used and taken from “dead fabric”, giving it new life, instead of collecting dust in the shadows.

The seatbelt and denim details can be found on the backpacks(denim only) and weekend bags. The weekend bags also include a note on the inside that reads “This bag is 100% made from recycled bottles.” This is our way of thanking you for supporting our mission of the world where plastic is recycled instead of carelessly tossed out.