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Environmental friendly brand

Looking for an environemntal friendly apparel brand in the 21th century can be tricky. Certifications, GHG impact reports, recycled polyester, “plastic waste from the oceans” and much more are more or less defining the apparel industry and the brands in these years.

Nevertheless, it’s become more difficult to shop “sustainably” as a consumer today that 10-15 years ago. But there are some tools to use, when you are shopping for the most environmental friendly products without compromising quality.

Look for certifications

Some might call it “documents of proof” or 3rd part audits, but looking for certifications is a great tool to take in use, when shopping for brands with a more sustainable focus.

The GOTS certification and GRS certification are transparent certifications that you can rely on as a consumer. All steps in the certifications process must be documented and in all steps follows a transactions certificate. From the very cotton field where the harvesting took place or the waste station where the pre- and post consumer waste was collected all the way to you as the consumer.

Sustainability Manifesto

 We claim to be an environmental friendly brand at Superstainable.
But, we would mostly like you to make your own opinion and make your decision.

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