How to travel sustainably

Is it possible to travel in a sustainable way? Is it possible to minimize your own COemission without compromising the way of living and traveling that you want?

Autumn is here and many are going away for holidays and vacation. That’s why we have gathered some COfacts about traveling. What is actually the most sustainable way you can explore the world and is there any shortcuts for lowering our carbon footprint?


Are you electrified? 
The COemission of traveling with a car is related to the consumption of gasoline.

It’s more sustainable to choose electrified and hybrid vehicles.

Electrified cars = 0 gr. COemission 
Gasoline cars = 50 gr COemission pr. km


Most sustainable way of flying?
Let’s face it. Planes are not sustainable, but they are convenient.

You can choose to go directly and pay a little bit more to save COemission, rather than booking several flights to reach your destination.

Planes =  140 gr. COemission pr. km


Are you in shape?
This one is more possible, if you are not going that far away.
Choose the bike to go visit your friends and family.

Bikes = 0 gr. COemission pr. pedal step


Train traveling
Interrails and train rides are generally more sustainable when exploring our world.

The carbon footprint is lower than cars and planes pr. passenger pr. km.

Trains = 42 gr. COemission pr. km. 

Source: The Guardian, Emissions by Transport Type

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